About us

De Maria is the result of Dario’s love and enthusiasm for this business, and his aptitude for excellence. He worked hard in order to preserve the main features of fine jewelry, creating at the same time atypical, unique, unconventional jewels designed for strong personalities with clear ideas about the way they want to appear.

The historic De Maria company was born in the Antico Borgo Orefici in Naples, the neighborhood where during the Middle Age Giovanna D’angiò founded the jewelers’ corporation. Today you can find the DNA of all this knowledge, creativity, and art in D. De Maria.

Design is the reflection of modernity. The essential, clear lines give their input to an aesthetic richness ready to be worn in every context, from the most casual to the “red carpet” one. D. is constantly looking for a new, highly recognizable style. It’s where fine jewelry meets the bijou fashion side. It’s pure personality.

CEO, Sales Manager, Designer Corporate Manager

Dario De Maria, born in ’77. I grew up doing this job I learned to love it and face all its evolutions, which mainly depended on people spending needs. He’s an expert in jewelry history, from ‘700 to nowadays. His purpose is to preserve the craftsmanship of Neapolitan jewelry, regardless of the type of materials employed… Art is art! He got his first hacksaw wound when he was 8, and he can still remember his father’s words: “Art is getting into your blood”






Dario De Maria has seen five generations: strong of its experience, the company has no fear to prove that jewels are such, independently from the type of materials employed.
The manufacturing follows the old standards and attention to quality, and it’s entirely made in Italy. In addition, the customer service is excellent.
D. De Maria uses silver without galvanic to emphasize the metal’s naturalness, but the company’s attention to design, details, and traditional manufacturing, makes its jewels authentic.